The source of appreciation is in you!

The appreciating perspectives represent the values and focus of The Appreciators. They (are designed to) have the power to deepen, spread and create appreciation.

You can i.e. take one of the perspectives and focus on it for a day or a week and experiment with it in daily life. Just take an unpleasant or challanging situation on your "lab" and choose one of the 7 persepctives.
Have fun trying them out!

It's good to know that there are often different perspectives viewing the same topic, all of which have a full legitimacy. These different points of view need not be reconciled. Appreciation includes and integrates opposing "truths".

Get Involved

Our vision is to make this appreciating perspectives as accessible as it can be to people around the world. People like you can help to spread and evolve this worldwide project.

Your participation can be:

  • testing and giving feedback
  • translating some perspectives into your mother tongue

So don't hesitate to get in contact.