New Version 3.0 of the appreciating perspectives released

Spread the word - but first in yourself!

We are really happy to present you the brand new version 3.0 of the appreciating perspectives. Gertraud Wegst and Iris Dick were the most engaged members of the project. They destilled all the practical knowledge and feedback of the last two yours to get it into that release.

Here you can download it as an PDF. So have fun working and playing with it.

Thank you so much, Iris and Gertraud!

The source of appreciation is in you!

The appreciating perspectives represent the values and focus of The Appreciators. They (are designed to) have the power to deepen, spread and create appreciation.

You can i.e. take one of the perspectives and focus on it for a day or a week and experiment with it in daily life. Just take an unpleasant or challanging situation on your "lab" and choose one of the 7 persepctives.
Have fun trying them out!

Seven appreciating perspectives

  • I observe what is, exactly as it is.
  • Beyond the loud voices in my head, I also listen to the gentle ones.
  • In each and every moment I can freely choose my perspective.
  • How about appreciation? Now!
  • Appreciation starts with myself.
  • We are often our own biggest critics. Switch sides – become your biggest fan!
  • My contribution is important.
  • Who am I really and what do I want more of?
  • Whatever I focus my awareness on, grows.
  • Recognizing and speaking about potentials and greatness in people allows them to flourish.
  • I uncover success factors and strengths and apply them to less powerful areas.
  • What is my, perhaps secret, life dream?
  • Resisting the way things are is always an invitation to change perspectives.
  • Strong feelings and conflicts are indicators of needs and motives that are worth looking into.
  • Problems, weaknesses and mistakes reveal opportunities for growth
  • Letting go of being right, even if you are right, opens doors.
  • The otherness of the other is welcome.
  • What is calling us? What are we here for?
  • Jointly developing a shared intention and essential decisions creates strength.
  • By everybody freely and gladly contributing to the whole, everything gets done.
  • A contradiction may remain unsolved – it can even be valuable.
  • What is the strength in weakness, the quiet voice amid the noise, the gift of the situation?
  • It’s not as it seems... be still and find the opportunities.
  • How do I act beyond right and wrong?
  • Taking a break is good, especially when things get strenuous or weigh you down.
  • Everything is already there, I can draw from it.
  • Relax ... and be the miracle!
  • Accept, appreciate, trust, act ... and celebrate!